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Why I DON’T Use Tailwind For My Pinterest Strategy 2019

If you are using Pinterest to market your business or blog, chances are you have seen or heard about Tailwind, an automated scheduling tool, that allows you automate your posts and join tribes to grow your reach.

And if you are just starting out it can seem that to achieve success on Pinterest you absolutely need to use Tailwind.

But that’s not true at all and I actually don’t use Tailwind in any of my Pinterest Strategies for a few reasons.

Don’t get me wrong, Tailwind is great. It makes it really easy to schedule posts directly from your browsers and using Tailwind tribes does expand your reach. But it should not the foundation of a Pinterest marketing strategy.

So, I am not saying that Tailwind doesn’t work. It does. You can drive massive amounts of impressions.

So, Why dont I Use Tailwind?

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4 Reasons I dont use Tailwind as part of my Pinterest marketing strategy

1. They are impressions.

The first reason I don’t use Tailwind is that I found a large amount of the numbers you see are just impressions on Tailwind.

When I first used Tailwind I quickly saw millions of impressions and that without doing any extra work, just by adding my pins to tribes and of course I got really excited.

But these are just impression and that on Tailwind.

If your target customer spends a lot of time on Tailwind and engaging in tribes that’s great news for you.

But if not it doesnt really help.

And yeah impressions are great to create Brand Awareness but they don’t necessarily convert into leads or sales.

2. The Traffic Is Not Super Targeted.

Tailwind works with tribes, small communities of similar people that cross-promote each others content. Which is why it’s great for networking BUT this also means that any traffic you get from this method is not super targeted.

You don’t get to choose who promotes your content and they don’t necessarily have the same audience.

But if you are using paid traffic, which this essentially is, I would recommend investing in Pinterest ads.

You get laser focused traffic to your blog or site AND you get it for super cheap on Pinterest. You can start for $3 a day. (That’s less than a coffee from Starbucks)

3 Manual Pinning Is More effective than scheduled pins

I have found that pins that were added manually perform much better than pins that were added through a scheduling tool. And Pins pinned directly from a website do even BETTER.

But, of course, you can’t spend all day manually pinning but did you know that Pinterest now has a free scheduling tool that allows you to schedule up to 30 pins in advance.

If your a looking for more automation tools, check out Hootsuite & Later, both offer a free pricing tier and allow you to schedule pins in advance.

The ULTIMATE 5 Step Guide to Pinterest Success 2019

Grow on Pinterest expand your reach, increase your traffic and get more leads.


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4 Group boards are dead

Its true. Group boards are dead. So if your whole Pinterest traffic strategy is based on pinning to group boards, you will likely see your traffic fall.

Pinning multiple pins to tons of different group boards used to be a goldmine for driving traffic.

But there is one main issue. In my advanced Pinterest hacks, I mentioned researching your social media platform and their visions and objectives.

And group boards, at least the way online marketers use them don’t really fit into what Pinterest intended them to be.

Think of group boards more of a collection, not 2000 bloggers and marketers sharing multiple pins a day.

Think more link ‘Ideas for a Winter Wedding‘ or ‘Ideas for A Gender Natural Baby Shower’

So the whole group board traffic strategy doesn’t really go with Pinterest’s values and objectives and therefore we will probably see a decline in group board traffic.

How To Use Group Boards To Drive Traffic Without Tailwind

Pinterest traffic drop, so what should you do?

It’s important that you have a Pinterest marketing strategy in place and the foundation should not be group boards.

Pinterest is not actually a social media platform but a visual search engine.

And what that means is that you should be targeting search traffic with a solid SEO and keyword strategy.

Focus on ranking your pins to the top of search results rather than relying on group boards.

Check out my Ultimate Pinterest Strategy 2019, where I break down step by step how to rank pins on Pinterest and I give you the blueprint to my keyword strategy.

Now I am not saying you should leave all group boards and stop using them all together.

Group boards are still very valuable in 2019. They key is just to be very selective with the group boards you participate in (use analytics to determine which group boards drive traffic and which are just a waste of time).

Successful Pinterest Marketing Strategy 2019

1 Focus on SEO and keywords as your main Pinterest Strategy

2 Only use quality Group boards

3 Promoting your pins on other social channels

4 Boost your Pins with Paid Traffic.

Why I Dont Use Tailwind – Conclusion

So these are my reasons for not using Tailwind in my Pinterest marketing strategy. If you are looking for a tool to automate your scheduling I suggest, Hootsuite, Later and also don’t underestimate the scheduling tool on Pinterest. You can schedule up to 30 pins.

Hi guys, I am Lisa, I am digital and business strategist from London. I create posts about Making Money Online, Growing Your Business and Leaving the 9 -5.


    • Sia

      Hi Lisa,
      Thanks for the advice. Since many days I have been hearing only about Tailwind, but wasn’t sure if I should go for it or not. Your points look valid.
      Also, can You advice on how many pins should be done on daily basis? Currently, I pin nearly 50 (50-50), 25 of my own n 25 of others but I don’t get considerable traffic on my blog.. any suggestions?

      • Lisa

        Hi Sia, thanks so much for your comment. It sounds like you are pinning a good amount but are you writing keyword rich descriptions and creating pins that people want to click? Your boards are also very important >>>>Check out my Pinterest strategy, where I explain in detail how to drive traffic and 7 Pinterest Hacks to boost your account, even more, let me know how you get on 🙂

  • Luna S

    Great insight into this! I agree that a lot of these auto groups aren’t always the best for active, engaging and genuine views/follows. I also like poking around Pintrest so I like doing the pinning myself.

  • Joanna

    I have never used Tailwind and whilst everyone is complaining about their Pinterest traffic going down, for me it’s going up. I prefer to manually pin, I have my own strategy that seems to work very well.

    • Lisa

      Thanks for commenting Joanna. Yes totally, I am waaaay to obsessed with pinning and discovered new ideas to stop pinning manually

  • Magen

    This is great information. I was just looking at tailwinds today actually, so it’s nice to see some information about it that’s not just saying to use it.

  • Britt

    Tailwind can be a great tool, but it has to be done strategically like everything else. Too many blogger see it as an ‘instant fix’. Tribe selection needs to be done with careful attention to niche, activity, etc. Don’t be afraid to change tribes until you find the one that works for you. I have seen a bump in my impressions since using Tailwind, but I’ve also seen a comparable bump in engagement and clicks. It’s a different animal so it takes learning a new way of thinking once again, just as each social media advancement does. Do I believe that it is necessary to win in the Pinterest world? Definitely not, but it can be a great tool 🙂

  • Sasha

    I’ve been using tailwind for almost a year and really love it but I’ve also been testing out manual pinning strategies to compare and am getting some good results. This is a great article! Thanks for sharing!

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