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Top 10 Blogging Tools For Running A Successful Blog

A blog is one of the best ways to grow your business or to start making money online. A blog allows you to connect with your customers, drive traffic to your website and sell more products.

But running a successful blog can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Luckily there are some great blogging tools that can help you create, organize, publish and promote your blog and help you save time and energy along the way.

I have put together a list of the best blogging tools and below you will find my favorite blogging tool to run a profitable blog.



My favorite blogging tool at the moment is Trello. A Free project management platform that lets you visually organize all your tasks, projects and ideas in boards and you can share your boards with anyone!

The interface is similar to Pinterest, you can create boards for your projects & ideas and organize individual lists & tasks within them. You can also add pictures & links and much more. Its the perfect mix between vision boards and a to-do list.

Trello really helps declutter your brain when you feel like you are doing 101 things at once and it is also fab for collaborating ideas and working as a team.

Get started: Create Free Account

Top 10 Blogging Tools For Any Niche


Grammarly is one of my favorite tools of all time. It’s the best free blogging tool and as the name suggests, it is a tool that helps check spelling and grammar and it does so automatically. But Grammarly can do much more like helping you become a better writer.

The browser extension is available to download for FREE and it automatically checks all your text for errors, even if you are using WordPress editor.

You can also create a free account to use the web-based text editor, this will give you access to features to help you improve your writing skills, like word analysis, readability and much more.

Create FREE Account

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a free WordPress plugin that helps you optimize your page for SEO and social sharing. This blogging tool is a must for any blogger and website owner.

Yoast SEO is super easy to use. Once you have installed the plugin onto your site, simply head over to the page or post you want to optimize. You can optimize your search appearance, like page title and meta description and Yoast will also populate a checklist for you to improve your page’s SEO and readability.

Best Blogging Tools: Yoast SEO

Simply follow the instructions to improve your SEO score and rank higher in search results.

In the social tab, you can also edit the appearance of social copy for when people share your post directly from your website. Optimize titles and descriptions to get more clicks back to your site from each share.

They have plenty of resources available to guide you through the SEO journey and help you improve your search appearance and ranking.

Check out the SEO guide below:


Keyword Research Tools

As we are on the topic of SEO I want to mention a few Keyword Research tools. To get the best out of SEO and rank high in organic searches you have to optimize your content for the right keywords.

I am sure you know how important keywords are for search traffic and you probably also know that the foundation of any content strategy starts with keyword research.

It’s important you target the right keywords otherwise you might as well try to sell hot dogs to a vegan.

There are loads of different keyword tools available, both free and paid. My absolute favorites are Buzzumo &SEMrush and although they don’t have a free plan available, they do offer a free trial.

There are also a few Free Free Keyword Research Tool you can try. These I use regularly:


Best Blogging Tools Canva Photo Editing

Canva is my favorite graphic editing tool. You can create stunning graphics for your blog or website, like infographics or design engaging posts for your social media accounts. The options are literally limitless. And if your creativity is a bit limited (like mine) Canva has hundreds of templates that you can use for free and customize without any tech skills, it’s all drag and drop.

They also have a free color palette generator: Drop any image into this tool and Canva will suggest the best color combinations to use with your image.

Canva Color Palette Generator

Best Blogging Tools Canva: The easiest place to get colors from your photos

Create Free Account

Canva does offer a paid plan: Canva For Work (which I use and highly recommend). The paid tier is fantastic for branding and collaborating with others. You can create multiple brand color pallets and design templates and share your designs with your team.

Canva For Work: Try FREE for 30 Days

10 Tools To Grow Your Blog

Get Response

Email marketing is a vital part of becoming a successful blogger and monetizing your blog. I mentioned my 9 Fatal blogging mistakes how I put off starting an email list and it cost me dearly.

An email list is a great way to nurture your audience, build trust and provide value. And of course, your email contacts, unlike your social media followers/subscribers, are actually yours.

There are loads of different services available, and which one suits you best depends on where you are in your journey.

My personal favorite for getting started is GetResponse.

GetResponse is a complete online marketing solution. It offers publishing and hosting features, as well as unlimited follow-up autoresponders, landing pages, webinars, marketing automation, and CRM to deliver information to your contacts and convert them into paying customers.

The reason I really like GeResponse is their free list building program. It’s perfect if you are just getting started or have a small list.

The free program help you grow your list from scratch in 90 Days.

The program teaches you everything you need to know about email marketing, from driving traffic to creating lead magnets, webinars and more. By the end of the 90 Days, you should have a list of at list 1000 subscribers.

Start For Free


Hootsuite is a fantastic social media management tool. You can create, schedule and manage all of your social media posts & channels in one place.

Instead of posting individually on all your social media channels you can simply create one post on Hootsuite and schedule to all your platforms.

You can also bulk upload posts and schedule weeks and months in advance.

Social media is great to increase engagement and brand awareness for your business but you cant spend all your time on social platforms, this is where Hootsuite comes in: You can plan & schedule all your posts in advance and keep your social media presence and engagement up even in your sleep.

Try FREE for 30 Days

Hootsuite also offers a limited Free Plan, you can connect up 3 social accounts and schedule 30 posts in advance.

10 Best Blogging Tools For Running A successful blog

Create and managing a successful blog is a big task and I love discovering new ways to make life a little bit easier. I find that these tools and resources have saved me so much time and effort.

Do you use any of the blogging tools that I mentioned or do you feel like I missed out any essential tools? What are you top tools for running your blog? Let me know!

Hi guys, I am Lisa, I am digital and business strategist from London. I create posts about Making Money Online, Growing Your Business and Leaving the 9 -5.

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