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How To Start A Blog To Generate A Passive Income 2019

Are you looking to make money online? Starting a profitable blog is one of the best ways of creating a passive income and making money online.

If you are completely new to blogging getting started can seem overwhelming and you end up procrastinating and doing nothing at all. Trust me I know the feeling.

But don’t worry, starting a blog is actually really simple, you don’t need any special skills or to be an expert in anything AND you can have your blog up and running in less than an hour and for as little as $3.95 a month.

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How To Start A Blog – 1 Niche Research

Before we jump in and create a blog we need to first decide what niche you would like your blog to focus on.

I don’t suggest deciding on a niche just based on your passion. Blogging about something you are passionate about is great. But making money from your blog is even better.

That doesn’t mean you want to blog about topics you have no interest in what so ever, you are going to find it very difficult to create content.

How To Find The Right Blog Niche

I have a very simple process I use to decide whether or not to enter a new niche. It’s a simple filtering method.

Step 1 Create A List

Create a list, you can download my template if you like or create a similar one or you can just use pen and paper.

What sites are you already following? Write down the topics & subtopics

Next, look into so-called ‘Golden Niches’ or evergreen niches. Add topics and subtopics to your list. These are niches known to be profitable, where people are known to spend a lot of money.

Proven profitable niches are:

  • Health/Fitness
  • Relationship/Love
  • Money/Finance

For example, niches I am already following/ interested in are: Blogging, Making Money Online, Health/Beauty, Fashion etc.

I have filtered those down into sub topics.

Step 2 Narrowing Down Your List

Now we need to filter down our list. Go through each topic and ask yourself:

A) Can I Create Content?

Can you create regular quality content?

What type of content could you create? For example, reviews, recipes guides, tutorials, etc.

Also, think of what format you can create your content in, are you good in front of the camera or do you prefer writing? Do you have any editing skills to create videos? (You don’t need to be in front of the camera).

Think about the type of content you are able to create for each niche and the format needed, can you create content?

B) Can I Create Products?

Now ask yourself if you could create a product in this niche. Don’t worry creating a digital info product is actually really simple.

Think about all the fitness gurus on instagram for example. They simply filled their workout routine and create fitness program like ‘rockhard abs in ten days’

Don’t worry if you are not a bodybuilder or expert, you can always get a PLR product and sell it as your own.

C) What are other people doing?

So by now, your list should look pretty narrowed now, next we are going to look at competition and potential.

What you want to do know is look at other successful sites in each niche.

What kind of content are they creating? How are they monetizing their sites?

❗️Specifically look for sites that look they are run by one person. ❗️

This step is the most important step. You don’t want to put a lot of time and effort into a blog to find out no one is interested or there is no way to monazite your blog.

Now you should have a pretty decent list of topics and inspiration for your blog. Now you just need to choose a name that reflects your niche. Don’t go for a name to is too narrow, chose a wider name and narrow keywords.

Now that we have done our research, its time to get started.

How To Start A Blog – 2 Get Your Domain & Hosting

Why Cant I Use A Free Site?

Besides the obvious issue, the fact that your domain will always look like or something like and that just doesn’t look good, you will find it hard to drive traffic and establish any kind of authority. The 3 main reasons why a free blog just doesn’t work;

  • Can’t monetize free blog (major deal breaker)
  • Don’t own domain and content (see above)
  • Limited customization options

But don’t worry, getting a domain a hosting and setting up your blog is really simple and not at all expensive. You can get started for as little as §3.95 a month.

Why I Choose Blue Host?

I absolutely love Bluehost because it’s quick, efficient, cost-effective and reliable.

And there is a reason they were chosen the best hosting for WordPress. WordPress gets installed automatically and you get a FREE domain name.

So you’re up and running in less than 10 min!

They also have 24/7 support and full money back guarantee if you are not 100 happy.

Why I choose bluehost to start my blog

Thats all we need to get started. Head over to Bluehost to get started. It only takes a few clicks.

Choose your package

The basic plan is more than enough to get you started and you can always upgrade once your blog gains some traffic.

Choose Your Domain. Hopefully, you picked a domain name in the previous step. Enter it now under ‘new domain’ to register your domain.

If you still can’t decide on a domain name right now you can always pick one later. Check out my post on choosing a blog name for some extra inspiration.

Next enter you account information and chose your plan.

Choose a password and you are set. Well done.

When you sign up through Bluehost, WordPress gets installed automatically, isn’t that neat?

So you can go ahead a pick a free theme that you like for now. Don’t worry we will go through finding the perfect theme in the next step.

Select any for now, you can change this any any time in your Dashboard.

This is your Dashboard. This is where all the magic happens.

How To Start A Blog – 3 Set Up Your Blog

Install Must Have Plug-Ins to Your Site

Plugins are great, you will find they are like apps on your phone, there a thousands of different plugins for different reasons. But to get you started here are the bare necessities:

Yoast SEO SEO or Search Engine Optimization is probably the most important factor for free traffic. Yoast helps optimize your site for better ranking in google. The free version is an absolute must.

Akismet Anti-Spam – You will get a lot of spam comments. No ifs, no buts. But loads of bots. This helps filter all the spam comments so you don’t have to manually.

AddThis – AddThis is my favorite social sharing icon package. You can add customizable sharing and follow buttons anywhere on your page or in your post as well as related posts to make sure visitors stay on your site. PLUS the reporting tool is great.

Simple Author Box – The is the profile box next to your posts, where you can add a picture, bio, social media links and more. Get rid of the horrible anonymous grey box and let your readers get to know you.

Blogging is really about learning by doing, you’ll discover loads of great plugins to suit you.

❗️Always back up your site before installing a new plug in.❗️

Create The Necessary Pages

How To Create A Homepage

It takes people less than a second to form an opinion and decide if they stay on your side or click back. So your homepage is really important.

Make sure your homepage is easy to read, clearly identifies what your site is about and is easy to navigate.

Look at some of the sites from step one and similar sites in your niche and see what works for them.

How To Create an About Page

Besides your homepage, your about page is probably the most important page on your site.

It gives you a chance to introduces yourself to your readers, tell your story and build a connection. But also attacks brands, collaborator and potential clients.

Check out this post on How To Write An Extraordinary About Page

How To Create A Contact Page

Super important. This is how brands, collaborators, affiliates, reader, customer – everyone will contact you.

Make sure to link your social channels and make it easy to follow/contact you.

How To Start A Blog – 4 Create Quality Content For Your Blog

Content is Key, I am sure have read that 178345 times. But its true. But I dont mean just go on a create loads of random content.

Google loves and rewards quality and so will your readers.

So once again its time to do some research.

1 Dont just create content that you are passionate about, find out what ranks first.

Use tools like buzzsumo and google trends to find out exactly what people are searching for BEFORE creating your content. You get around 5 free searches a day but that’s enough to get you started.

Use the sites you found in step one and similar sites in your niche and see what content is doing well.

2 Make sure that your content adds value, make sure you are helping your readers and offering a solution to a problem.

3 Write Long Posts the key is in the detail. Again make sure that your posts add value but longer posts have been proven to perform much better than shorter posts.

Really spend time on research I cant say it enough. Make sure you are using keywords in the write way and spend a good amount of time research long tail keywords.

4 Write Attention Grabbing Headlines

I am not talking about clickbait here that does not work. But make sure your headlines make you want to read your article or watch your video. Think about the headlines you click on. But make sure you deliver with your content.

Dont promise something you cant deliver. You will lose trust and reader.

5 Add great images. Make sure to a beautiful image after every few paragraphs.

6 Content Upgrades, create content upgrades and make sure to add a call to actions to each post.

How To Start A Blog – 5 Drive Traffic To Your Blog

There are hundreds of different ways to drive traffic to your blog or website both free and paid but the get you started the best method I found is driving traffic through Pinterest.

1 Set Up Pinterest Profile

Make sure you optimize your profile with a nice and good looking profile picture and add you’re relevant keywords to your bio.

Next, you need to create some boards. Create around 15-20 boards around the subtopics in your niche and fill with relevant pins.

You can simply repin other people content for now.

Once your profile looks active you need to search for group boards in your niche and join them.

2. Create Pins

You need to create pins for your posts. I use I find it’s by far the best free software out there for creating graphics.

Make sure you create images that look good. Pinterest is a visual search engine and the keyword here is visual.

Colours that work well in Pinterest are red, orange, & pink.

3 Pin Your Pins To Group Boards

Next, you need to find and join group boards. The best way to find group boards is to look for profiles that are already established in your niche.

On their profile, follow them and then navigate to boards. Scroll all the way down till you can follow their boards again. These are group boards you will see the profile icon is spit and shows 3 profile. Try to join as many as possible.

4 Use Tailwind to schedule your pins.

You need to pin around 20-30 times a day to really see results. Use tailwind to find similar bloggers in your niche to cross promote your content and auto-schedule pins.

Tailwind offers a free and paid option. With the free option, you can schedule 100 pins in advance and join up to 5 tribes. That’s enough to get the ball rolling.

That’s great to get you started but once you see some results the upgrade will pay for itself and you can automate your Pinterest strategy.

FREE Pinterest Audit

FREE Pinterest Audit

Get a FREE review of your account and boards with personalised pfd plan with suggestions on how to optimize your profile, boards and pins for Pinterest SEO.


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How To Start A Blog – 6 Monetize Your Blog

There are hundreds of ways in which you can make money from your blog and the best thing to do is be creative. It’s a creative industry after all.

But to get you started I have outlined the 6 main ways to make money from your blog, pros & cons and how to get started with each one.

You will see why the research we have done at the start of this guide was some important.

You should already have a rough idea on how you can monazite your blog in your niche.

How To Monetize Your Blog: 1 Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

One of the most popular ways to monetize your blog is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing basically means that you promote a product or service and get a commission for each sale.

Monetizing a Blog with Affiliate Marketing – Pros

Affiliate Marketing is super simple to get started in. There are hundreds of different affiliate offers to choose from and you can get started from day one.

Monetizing a Blog with Affiliate Marketing – Cons

The commission can be low and you are restricted by the affiliate program rules.

How to Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

It’s really easy to get started with affiliate marketing and with Amazon affiliates you can get started the same day you create your website.

Affiliate marketing is literally that simple. Join one of the hundreds of affiliate programs out there, get your link, start promoting and get paid.

Here’s a few:

Simply google affiliate program + your niche and you’ll find dozens of programs you can join.

How To Monetize Your Blog: 2 Hosting Ads

What are blog ads?

Running ads on your page is probably what most people think of when they hear ‘monetizing a blog.’

Ads are images or banners ads which are placed on top of your blog in your content or in the sidebar and you’re paid each time someone clicks or buys through your page. Just like this one

Monetizing a Blog with Ads – Pros

The best thing about running ads on your page is that it is completely passive. Once you have it set up and as long as you are receiving enough traffic that’s it.

Monetizing a Blog with Ads – Cons

Unless you are getting very high volumes of traffic the payout from running ads is quite low.

How to Get Started with Ads

The most popular ad network to join is Adsense. You don’t need a minimum number of view to get started and signing up is really simple.

There are a few more programs you can join, though most require you to have a certain about of traffic.

PPC CPC Ad Networks:


Yahoo Publishers network

Also look into CPM advertising Networks. Here you get paid just for sending traffic, they dont have to buy anything. But to make money of CPM ads you need A LOT of traffic.

Again, doing some research into your niche what networks are around. Its also worth looking into popular products in your niche created by other content creators and contacting the.

Send them an email explaining that you are a content creator in the same niche and have a similar audience.

Say you would like to promote their product or service and explain briefly how you are going to promote it.

How To Monetize Your Blog: 3 Info Producs

What are online information products?

I know I keep going on and on and on about info products. But they are the no one way of generating a passive income online.

An info product can be anything like an online course, ebook, membership area or guide. Basically, anything that teaches your readers something.

Monetizing a Blog with Online Information Products – Pros

Unlike affiliate sales, the profit margin is way higher. If you create your own product you keep 100% of the profit and with loads of free tools available online creating info products is easier than ever. And it completely passive once it’s set up.

Monetizing a Blog with Online Information Products – Cons

The problem with info products is that you first have to have a large audience to sell your products to and that can be time-consuming.

How to Get Started with Online Info Products

There are a ton of resources available online to help you create an info product. Check out TeachableThinkific or Udemy. Or for ebooks  ThriveCartSendOwlGumroad or Amazon.

How To Monetize Your Blog: 4 Sponsored Content

What are sponsored posts?

An other way you can make money through your blog or online in general are sponsored posts.

Have you ever seen a celebrity like Kim Kardashian or Kyle Jenner for example raving about a product of Instagram you know they dont actually use?

That’s called a sponsored post, the company pays celebrities or influencers or anybody with an audience in their niche to post on their behave.

If very similar to affiliate marketing, in that you promote someone elses service or product and act as the middle man.

The difference is with sponsored post you get upfront for your post rather than a commission for each sales as with affiliate marketing.

Monetizing a Blog with Sponsored Content – Pros

Same as with affiliate marketing, you don’t need to create a product or service of yourself. And you can get products to test and review.

Monetizing a Blog with Sponsored Content – Cons

The biggest problem with sponsored posts is that it is usually obvious that their are sponsored and can easily sound unnatural and put of regular readers.

You are also restricted in terms of length and style of your post and have to follow the sponsor’s guidelines.

How to Get Started with Sponsored Content

Getting started with sponsored posts involves a bit of graft. You need to create media kit for your blog outlining an overview of your blog, traffic numbers, email subscribers, your ideal reader, who you are, and why you’re a good candidate.

Then you need to look for sponsored post opportunities. Some places to get you started are BlogherFederated MediaIZEATapinfluence, and MassiveSway.

Do your research start with a search for your + companies, check on companies websites and contact them directly.

How To Monetize Your Blog: 5 Services and Freelancing

What is Freelancing?

As a freelancer, you offer your services to business or clients on a contractual basis self-employed bases.

If you have a skill or talent you can use to help others, this is a great way to make extra money. Is super easy to set up and you can get started right now.

You only need a single page website to get started.

Monetizing a Blog with Services and Freelancing – Pro

It’s super easy to get started. All you need is a one-page website that acts as your sales page.

And if you have a skill or talent that’s really in demand right now you can charge a decent amount

The other bonus is that you can use freelancing to master your craft and really develop your skill before creating an info product.

Monetizing a Blog with Services and Freelancing – Cons

The main downfall of freelancing is that it is not passive at all and you are always limited by time.

After finding your clients you need to also complete to work you were commissioned to do and then there is also billing/invoicing, bookkeeping etc.

How to Get Your First Client

As with most ways of generating an income online a certain level of creativity is required. But all you need to get started is a website that details your services, experience some testimonials etc.

Drive relevant traffic to that website. One way of doing this is via Pinterest. Check out my detailed guide on How To Drive Traffic via Pinterest.

Pin in a nutshell you have to create a good looking profile, join relevant group boards and drive traffic back to your site.

If you want faster results paid traffic is a great option. Check out my post How I Got 100k views for $20.

How To Monetize Your Blog: 6 Adding a Store

An other way to monetize your blog we website is by adding a store. If you have a physical product you can sell adding a store to your blog can generate indefinite income.

Choosing a Platform to Sell Physical Products

There are so many different platforms to sell your own products and listing all of them would turn this post into a full-blown university course with a masters degree.

As with everything I mentioned today, carry out your own research into the are you wan to utilise. Start with these platforms below, you dont even need your own website for most:

Monetizing a Blog by selling physical products– Pro

Selling product has the potential of generating an indefinite amount of income. And depending on how you are sourcing your products can also be passive.

If you are drop-shipping or creating your own products the start-up cost can be quite minimal.

Monetizing a Blog by selling physical products– Cons

Setting up and online store can be difficult and time-consuming if you don’t know what you are doing and dealing with suppliers and shipping is not for everyone.

Requires start up capital and time to create/test product.

Want to find out more about monetizing your blog? Check out my complete guide.

Okay, there you have. I know this was a long post and well done if you stayed till the end.

Hopefully you are now all set up and your blog is up and running. Comment you blog name below and I will check it out 😉

FREE Pinterest Audit

FREE Pinterest Audit

Get a FREE review of your account and boards with personalised pfd plan with suggestions on how to optimize your profile, boards and pins for Pinterest SEO.


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