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The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Strategy 2019: Increase Your Traffic in 30 Days

Want to drive more traffic to your website with Pinterest? Looking to use Pinterest to market your business and get more leads? 

You are in the right place. Today I am going to share my ultimate method of how I drive traffic to my websites through Pinterest and how I generate over 100k quality views in less than 2 weeks with a brand new profile.

And without using Tailwind.

Pinterest has 292 million active monthly users. And 90% of users, use Pinterest to research their next purchase.

So in this post, you are not only going to learn how to drive tons of traffic with Pinterest, but this is also very high-value targeted traffic you can turn into leads & sales.

Before we get started: (Checklist)

1. Make sure you have a Business Profile –  You can convert your existing profile or sign up for a new one. Its super simple.

2. Claim your website 

Can you see the little globe icon next to you web address in your profile?

If you cant, navigate to Settings>Claim, enter your website url and hit claim.

Now you need add a meta tag or upload an html file to your website.

If you have the Yoast SEO plugin installed (which I highly recommend AND you only need the free version for this) it’s really simple.

Choose the meta tag option and copy the meta tag.

In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to SEO>Social>Pinterest and add the code. Hit save changes. Done.

3. Enable Rich pins 

Head over to the Rich Pin Validator, enter one of your blog pots URL and click Validate.

You only have to validate once and Pinterest will automatically collect the metadata and scan your post for keywords.

4. Get the pin button  – Make sure it is SUPER easy for people to share your content. Add the Pin button to your website.

Need more help setting up? Click here, but now without further ado:

How To Get 100k monthly views in less than a month (without using tailwind)

How to get 100k views in less than a month without using tailwind

Step 1 – Optimize Your Profile for Pinterest SEO

So first things first. Pinterest is a visual search engine. Not a social media platform as many think. Which means:

There are 2 opportunities for us to reach our target audience.

1 The Home Feed

As with Facebook & Instagram, you are presented with a feed based on your following, interests, interactions (Pinterest’s own algorithm, figuring that out is a whole science.)

If you create great pins, people will click through to your website.

But this is not really the focus of this method, we want to reach people who have searched for our content!

2 The Search Function

Like google and youtube, Pinterest is also a Search Engine and treating it as such is the key to being successful on this platform.

This is really where the magic happens.

This means we can reach people, who are actively searching for our keywords, for our content, and for our product or service.

Did you know that 87% of people on Pinterest made a purchased based on Pinterest and 93% use Pinterest to research their next purchase?

So lets do some Pinterest SEO

1) Add Keywords in your Display Name & Profile Description

SEO Pinterest Profile 1 - Keywords in Display Name & Profile Description

2) Create Boards Relevant To Your Niche (15 – 20 Boards) 

Next you need to create 15 – 20 boards based on the subtopics in your nice.

Create Boards Relevant To Your Niche - Add Keywords To Name Of Boards

Add Keywords to the Board Name & Description.

Add Keywords To Pinterest Boards To Drive More Traffic Add keywords to board name and description.

πŸ’Ž Bonus Tip: Pinterest allows you to follow topics, search for topics related to your niche and create boards based on these topics. (these are topics people are actively searching for and engaging with )

3 Re-pin Only Valuable Pins   (10 – 15 per board) 

For now, it is okay to just repin other peoples pins to fill up your boards.

This is great because it will get you some initial traffic but will also allow you to see analytics for these pins.

You can see which types of pins & topics do well and create your content based on this.

So to begin, it is okay to repin 100% of other peoples pins for a few days.

Then you want to add in your own pins in at 50/50. Then slowly lower this to around 70% of your own pins and 30% from other users.

Before you repin random pins that pop up check:

1.Does it make you want to click? 

2. Is the link working?

3. Is content valuable, do you want to share with ur audience?

4. And of course, is it related to your niche/ the board topic? 

πŸ’ŽBonus Tip: Don’t just repin. Use this opportunity to engage with other bloggers. Check out their content, connect with them on other platforms and most engage!

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Step 1.5 – Follow Relevant People 

For this next step we will use the follow/unfollow method. (Just to get the ball rolling.)

The key here is to not follow every random person that might follow you back but follow targeted profiles.

First, find similar profiles in your niches, with at least 1k followers. (Hopefully you are already following some)

Next, follow their followers.

These are people who are following similar profiles in your niche, so chances are they might follow you back and actually like & engage with your content. Win/win

Unfollow those who don’t follow you back – You can use a spreadsheet to keep track of the users that don’t follow you back.

After a week unfollow the ones who didnt follow you back.

Follow back your followers. Engagement is key, so make sure to follow and engage with those who do.

❗️The aim of this strategy is NOT to get loads of followers. Followers are not actually where the traffic comes from but we need a few to get the ball rolling.

Step 2 Use Keywords to Rank on Pinterest 

How To Use Keywords To Rank #1 On Pinterest

Yes. You can actually rank on the first page and even as the first search result on Pinterest. And I am not talking about super targeted niche keywords like clown outfits for Yorkshire terriers or something.

Unlike on google you can actually rank for your keywords and show up as the number 1 search result! 

So How to Rank #1 on Pinterest ? 


Start with research. Don’t just create content you think people will like. Do your research first so you know what content people are looking for then create it.

Use the suggested search feature to find popular searches.

How To Find Keywords On Pinterest Keyword suggestions

These are actual searches from Pinterest users. 

Make a note. 

Use the suggestions at the top to refine your search

How To Find Keywords On Pinterest Keyword suggestions

Refine & repeat. 

Next, let’s see how to angle our piece of content. Let me show you what I mean.

First Research Audience – knowing your niche & audience is the ultimate key to success.

Navigate over to your ads manager and start to create an add. (Do worry we won’t make this add live but the keyword research tool is amazing.)

On the 2nd page, type in one of your keywords.

And not only do you see how many monthly searches your keyword has but you ALSO get loads of related keywords people are also searching for that you can use in the description of your pin.

How To find Keywords to drive traffic on Pinterest

Create Content People Are Searching For

Now that we know exactly what people are searching all we need to do is create a piece of content solving that problem.

Sprinkle in your keywords throughout the piece. This is why Rich Pins are so amazing, this allows Pinterest to scan your content for keywords.

How To Create Pins that go Viral 

Key: Creating pins that get repins is vital to making this passive. Once people are pinning your pins it will create an infinite loop driving traffic to your links. 

I use Canva to create all of my pins, in fact, I use canva for most of my graphics.

Its free, super easy to use and they have loads of templates you can use if you dont know how to get started.

Creating beautiful eye-grabbing pins is super easy and you don’t need any editing skills. (Trust me I don’t have any.)


How To Use Canva To Drive Traffic from Pinterest

But of course, there are a few guidelines you can follow to give your pins better chances of going viral and being shared and repinned.


Size matters and Pinterest is all about vertical images. Therefore, I have found that a 3:2 ration performs best.

Experiment with a few different variations. In my experience, long images are the way to go on Pinterest.

How To Drive Traffic From Pinterest - Create Viral Pins - Size


Pinterest is a visual platform. (I know I keep saying it)

If you are using images on your pins make sure to use a high-quality image. Nothing blurry or low resolution. Use your own judgment.

You can use free stock images for your pins, my favorite sites are &

Both allow you to easily search for your topic and you can then simply download your image add to your pin. (I righclick and ‘save image as’ so no need to sight up =)

Of course there are also loads of paid options like shutterstock. (They have amazing images but the subscription is a quite dear)

If you are just starting out or are on a budget I suggest going on and finding someone with a subscription who is selling a number of pictures.

Make sure the is enough whitespace for you to add your text. Look for images with a clear space in the center.


Here you need to do a little bit of research into your audience. What do they like, dislike what kind of emotions would you like to trigger?

πŸ’Ž Key: This is a vital step not only for creating your pins but also your brand. What does your brand stand for? What are your key values? And how can your portrait that through your branding?

Use the canva colour palette generator (Yup its FREE)

This is what I meant when I said canva makes it super easy.

(I am not an affiliate btw, just a big fan)

Use this tool to find the best colours to complement your image.

How To Use Canva Color Palette Generator

Simply upload your image to Canva color palette generator and canva will analyze and suggest 5 ideal colors for your pin. How awsome is that?

How To Use Canva To Create Pins That Go Viral


This is most important part of the pin. Its like your headline. In fact it is your headline.

People will see the text on your pin before they see your pin description. DUHH

So this is where you NEED to grab their attention.

Just like coming up with a great headline that makes people want to click through to your blog post, you need to come up with a POPPING headline for your pins.

Use keywords.

Solve a Problem

Try to evoke an emotion in the reader.

So to sum up:

  • Have Keywords clearly visible on Pins 
  • Opt for colors that draw attention
  • Use large easy-to-read fonts
  • Use Vertical Images, a 3:2 ratio works best

If you feel completely lost or don’t have the time, the other option is to outsource the work to a graphic designer. I suggest using Upwork to find quality freelancers. You can get pins created for fairly cheap. 

πŸ’Ž Bonus Tip: Hide Images in your post. This can be images that you don’t necessarily want to show in your post but want to allow your readers to pin.

These images wont show up in your post but will show once someone pins an images straight from your post.

The ULTIMATE 5 Step Guide to Pinterest Success 2019

Grow on Pinterest expand your reach, increase your traffic and get more leads.


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Step 3: Find and Join Groupboards (without Tailwind)

How To Find & Join Pinterest Group Boards - drive traffic from Pinterest

Like I said before, this is not another Tailwind pitch and I didn’t actually use tailwind for this method.

I do however use the Free version of Tailwind for some of mine and my client’s accounts mainly to for easy scheduling.

1: Find a few similar profiles in your niches.

The first thing you need to do is find similar profiles in your niche.

Hopefully, you already have a list but if not just search for one of your keywords and filter by people.

2: Navigate to their boards.

Next head over to their boards. (You should be following them)

Drive Traffic From Pinterest - Find Group Boards

3: Scroll down till you find you are able to ‘follow’ their boards again.

Drive Traffic From Pinterest - Find Group Boards

If you are following them you find if you scroll all the way down you can see boards you are not following. This is why it is important to follow them.

It makes filtering out Group boards super easy.

All the boards you are not following are usually group boards. You can also identify them because they now show a profile icon with 3 profiles.

4: Follow & Apply

Follow and apply to as many of these boards as possible. Sometimes you will see a ‘request to join’ button at the top next to the follow icon.

If not just read the board’s description and follow the instructions on how to join. Usually, you are asked to follow the creator of the board or send an email. Really simple.

Drive Traffic From Pinterest - Join Group Boards

Click on the contributors’ icon to reveal a drop-down of all contributors to this board.

The first profile at the top is usually the creator of the board. Make sure you engage with them. Follow their profile & shoot them a quick dm.

Drive traffic from Pinterest - follow the group board creator.

5: Repeat. Join as MANY group boards as possible. Seriously you cant join too many.

Do this with a few profiles in your niche and you find some amazing boards. Join as MANY as possible but make sure they are relevant to your niche.

6: Pin your pins to the relevant boards

And finally, pin the pins you created to the relevant Group Boards.

Make sure you follow the rules of each board (read the board description)

It’s really worth staying organized and creating a document to schedule which pins you have pinned to which board and when. This will help you avoid pinning the same pins.

After you have contributed to a few boards for a week or so check your analytics.

Find out which boards generate the most impressions, engagement & clicks and adjust your schedule accordingly.

πŸ’Ž Bonus Tip: Pinterest lets you pre-schedule up to 30 pins in advance. So you can make this entire process passive without using Tailwind or any other paid scheduling tool.

You need to pin to boards in your niche, otherwise, this whole process is pointless. Targeting the wrong audience is one of the 3 fatal mistakes when making money online.

How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog From Pinterest Conclusion

And there you have it, complete guide on how to drive traffic to your website from Pinterest. Follow this 3 part method of optimizing your profile for Pinterest SEO, Ranking Number 1 On Pinterest & Pinning your pins to group boards to generate targeted traffic.

The ultimate pinterest strategy

Hi guys, I am Lisa, I am digital and business strategist from London. I create posts about Making Money Online, Growing Your Business and Leaving the 9 -5.


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