About ProfitBae...

Hey there, I am super excited you stumbled across my page. 
I’m Lisa. 
And I absolutely love Pinterest! (Actually, I might even be a little obsessed.) 
So much so that I made it my business. 
But lets rewind back a few years: I used to sit at my boring, unfulfilling desk job and spend hours every day scrolling on Pinterest and daydreaming


I felt lost….

Thats until I discovered how to actually make money on Pinterest. I started creating niche specific passive income websites and driving traffic to my sites through Pinterest.  
So of course I was hooked and I quit my 9-5 to pursue my dream of becoming financially free by generating a full time income online. 
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Now I still spend hours on Pinterest everyday but I also help, bloggers and entrepreneurs to increase their reach, drive more traffic and grow their business. All on Pinterest and I love that even more. 
But thats not all I am also a blogger and that with passion. Live I said I love helping people escape the and build a passive income online, so I not only share my journey but also loads of helpful tips & tricks all around building a passive income and becoming financially free!