9 common but fatal blogging mistakes
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9 Fatal Blogging Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A Blog

Are you looking to start a profitable blog and make money online? When starting out it is essential you do your research. But with all the information out there free & paid it is easy to get overwhelmed and make some common blogging mistakes, I understand I have been there.

Since starting my blog, I have learned a few valuable lessons (mostly through trial and error) But I have now figured out how to turn my blog into a business and generate an (almost) passive income online.

So today I am going to share with you my 9 biggest blogging mistakes and 9 lessons I have learned to create a successful blog that makes money online. Keep reading to avoid making the same mistakes.

9 Fatal Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

1. Not Having Your Own Domain

Don’t worry this is not another Bluehost pitch. It doesn’t really matter which host company you choose.

Although I use Bluehost and you can read why here. (Coming Soon)

The important thing here that you get your own domain and hosting.

Unless you do you won’t own your content and making money of a free blog is just that much more difficult.

If for example, your host company was to go out of business or blocked/deleted your account all content would be lost.

Also, you dont own the rights to your content, which means you cant sell it. And finally loads platforms dont allow paid ads. Issa L.

Starting a blog and going self-hosted is actually really simple and doesn’t have to involve any coding.

I suggest going self-hosted right from the start. Transferring you contend and changing your web address later is an unnecessary hassle.

(Like I said, its not a Bluehost pitch BUT I really do recommend Bluehost & this is an affiliate link)

2. Not Having A Content Calendar

Did you know that there are over 3 Billion blogs out there? Yes, Billion. And more content is added every single day.

So simply creating content and hoping people will see it is not enough. You need a content calendar and marketing plan.

You need to have a promotional strategy in place for each piece of content you publish. Will you promote it on your social media platforms or to your email subscribes for example?

For this, it is important that you know where your target customer hangs out online.

Are they on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Linked In?

You don’t need to be on all platforms BUT you need to be consistent and spend some time engaging with people in your niche.

In my early days, I would just create a piece of content, post it to my site, send out a few social media posts and hope for the best.

But that’s not enough, every social media platform is different. What works on Facebook would not work on Pinterest and so on.

Having a content calendar you to stay consistent and organized.

Use your content caledar to stay on top of keywords your planning to target, know what content to create and when and organise your social media posts.

I found this video by Sandra Clayton super helpful in my early days of becoming a blogger and starting my online business.

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FREE Pinterest Audit

3. Not Having A Strategy to Monetise Your Blog

You don’t automatically get paid once you hit a certain number of followers or views.

So, therefore need to have a strategy to monetize your blog. Are you looking to host ads on your page? Sell a product or service? Sell affiliate products? Or perhaps you a looking to create sponsored posts?

The mistake I made was to only focus on traffic. I didn’t really care if the traffic was targeted or researched the commercial value of the keywords that I was targeting. View don’t just = Money.

Make sure you know how you are going to monetize your blog before starting it.

If you want to make money with your blog you have to treat it like a business. And that means researching, planning and strategizing.

There are 6 main ways to monetize your blog and it is important you understand your niche and audience so you can best map out a strategy.

Some methods of monetizing may work better than others in some niches and depending on content type and audience size.

Research how similar bloggers in your niche are making money from their blog. Are they hosting ads, promoting affiliate products or selling their own products?

The first step to creating a successful blog or business is research and it is important you find a profitable niche first.

The point is you need to know exactly how you are going to drive targeted traffic to your site and create a roadmap on how to turn these visitors into paying customers.

4. Expecting Brands to just contact you

Brand deals, affiliate marketing etc don’t just fall in your lap. You need to act!

This is another major blogging mistake I made when I started my back in 2016.

I assumed that once I had enough followers or views brands would reach out to me.


If you want to make money through affiliate marketing or sponsored posts you need to reach out and pitch to brands.

If fact, if you want to making any money online you need to know how to pitch.

Selling is an essential skill of becoming a blogger or starting an online business.

If your a are not a natural salesperson, educate yourself. With access to the internet, you have access to an infinite amount of knowledge.

Take a course on selling and copywriting and also suggest adding a storytelling class.

You start with free course and blogs and work your way up to more advanced material.

One of my favorite resources which I think is absolutely essential as an entrepreneur Audible.

Books are sure a great resource and you can listing whilst driving, cooking, cleaning, etc to get through your reading list faster.

Read Also: 5 Books You Need To Read To Be Successful.

When I just started out I had no idea how to sell or pitch to brands or clients and a dear friend of my suggested I read The Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffery Gitomer.

This book really opened my eyes and completely changed my approach. Its a great foundation for selling anything not just online.

Once you understand the elements of selling, pitching to brands is actually really simple.

5. Thinking you need a certain amount of followers/views before you can make money off your blog.

This was a massive mistake I made when I just started out. I thought I had to have a certain number of followers or views before I could make money from my blog.

False, again.

Although this is not the biggest mistake I made when I started out, it is the one that cost me the most profit.

I strongly encourage you to start monetizing from day one.

You can set up AdSense straight away. (although the payout is pretty low when you dont have a ton of traffic)

And there are also tons of great affiliate programs you can join from the start as well.

But also don’t delay reaching out to brands, potential clients and customers.

Yes, followers and views are great but if you are selling a product or service you need engagement.

You can get large brand deals and high paying clients with a small following.

The first money I made through my online business was actually through paid clients, not through ads or affiliate marketing.

And I did this was a very little social media following.

9 Things Not To Do When Starting A Blog - avid these fatal blogging mistakes

6. Followers Are A Measure Of Success

Followers do not matter. Yes, I said It and its true. Follows don’t matter when you are trying to make money online.

You can make money without having a large following or a big audience. And even more important follower dont = money either.

As I mentioned earlier what you need is engagement and to be able to solve a problem for your audience. If your audience is not engaging with you, you can have 3 million follows and not sells 36 shirts.

Why so specific you ask? Because this is a true story. A french influencer with more than 3 million followers failed to sell even 36 pieces of her fashion line. Read more here<<<


*Now in her defense, she was only 18 and starting a business involves way more than just Instagram followers.

But the key takeaway here is that she didn’t engage with her audience and tried to create a product they really need. I.e solving a problem.

Engage with everyone that engages with you blog our site and offer them value!

I truly believe that there are 3 secrets to online success and engagement (targeting the right audience) is one of them.

If your audience is not engaging with you it means they are not interested in what you posting and definitely not in what you are selling.

7. I build my email list After I launched my blog

What if all social media shut down today? How would you contact your audience?

Sounds far fetched, let’s rewind back to May 13, this year. Facebook, Instagram and What App all shut down. Given it was only for a day but you get my point.

Your social media followers/audience are not yours.

As I said in the first point about not owning your content, you also need to own your own audience.

The mistake I made here was procastinating. I knew that building an email list would be a slow burner so I put it off.

Another major blogging mistake.

When I finally did get round to it realized the massive earning potential of an email list and once out have created your lead magnet and welcome series it’s completely passive.

Do this before you launch your blog or website. That way you already have (even a small) audience to promote your content to.

You can create a simple lead magnet related to your niche or industry and display a signup form on your coming soon page.

Use your social channels to drive traffic to your lead page.

Let your list grow whilst you build your blog.

By the time your blog is up and running and you are ready to do your first email promotion your list is already there.

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8. Thinking You Are An Expert

Being a blogger means being a student. Forever. So you need to enjoy the journey of learning.

Never think that you are an expect. Things change rapidly, especially in the internet world. So make sure you stay up to date.

You need to stay on top of your game. Constantly learn about your niche. Read industry articles and learn from other people in your niche.

But I also strongly encourage you to take some online course based on your niche.

Set a good amount of time aside to do you research, learn new skills and develop your existing one.

But of course to make money off your blog or to run an online business you need to have certain skills, so also need to constantly develop new skills.

What skills do you need that can help you make your business or blog a success? This could be video or editing skills or like I mentioned above sales or copywriting.

You might want to think about a social media or digital marketing course as well and once you start making some money, develop your bookkeeping or accounting skills too.

9. Launching With Less Than 7-8 Posts

When I started my very first blog, I created my first piece of content and I was super excited for the world to see. So I posted it.

But all that ended up happening is people came over to my site and ended up leaving.

Because there was nowhere else for them to go. No related posts, so lead magnet nothing. So they ended up clicking the back button.

And if you know anything about SEO you know that that is a disaster.

People clicking the back button indicates to Google that your content was not helpful and will rank it lower.

So make sure you have so fully functional site and a few pieces of content created prior to launching your site. So that means a homepage of course but also pages like you’re about and relevant menu pages. And features that entice people to click around.

If you want to learn more about SEO, check out Brian Dean on Youtube, he is an absolute SEO genius.

Most Common but Fatal Blogging Mistakes Conclusion

These were my 9 biggest blogging mistakes. But really the only mistake you can really make is not to get started. Everything else can be corrected. It might cost you some time & effort but will a little determination you can do it. Are you looking to start a blog & make money? Step by Step Guide Here <<<<

Or do you already have a blog? What were your biggest mistakes? Let me know in the comments!


Hi guys, I am Lisa, I am digital and business strategist from London. I create posts about Making Money Online, Growing Your Business and Leaving the 9 -5.


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